When we replace respect with “political correctness” there can be neither respect nor remorse.

Public officials should not have to make the case for the retirement of any Confederate relic…particularly when those relics are being displayed on public property cloaked in a religious context. The flag is divisive in the historical sense and by displaying it outside of a museum, its divisiveness is projected into the present and future. What do we gain by projecting unnecessary divisiveness into the present and future of our state and people? Nothing!

There used to be a quaint little concept many years ago called “being respectful of others”. It was the mainstay of my family’s operating principles. During the Presidential election of 1980 and in the years since, this positive concept of “being respectful” toward others has been grotesquely corrupted into the negative, destructive and dismissive concept of “being politically correct”. The newer term gives intolerant people the license to be disrespectful and to translate that disrespect into public policy by dismissing and labeling those who have differing opinions. The Heritage Act is a perfect example of this. Flying a divisive flag on public property and defending it by calling those who detest it “Intolerant” is also a perfect example of this.

I applaud Councilman Darby for raising this issue at his own peril. This is about being respectful. If you are flying that flag, you are in some respect living what it symbolizes.

I am the 3rd great grandson of Sen. John Herman Kinsler, one of the Signers of the Ordinance of Secession. After the Civil War he was very remorseful that he had been partly responsible for all that had resulted from the war…not the least of which were 600,000 deaths and the destruction of his home state. He spent his last years in the Peace Movement and was buried in an unmarked grave so that no tribute would be paid to him in death as a result of what he had done in life. This is what is lacking in the heritage argument…remorse. But then again, real remorse must be predicated upon respect for the other person. When we replace respect with “political correctness” there can be neither respect nor remorse. 

I ask again, what have we gained by being disrespectful in this way and what on Earth do we ever HOPE to gain by continuing to be disrespectful in this way?

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