How does CSA Real Estate Represent its clients?

Among our many services CSA Real Estate Services provides Exclusive Single Agency representation for Buyers and Sellers. In this relationship we are happy to represent the exclusive interests of one party in the real estate transaction.

With the written permission of both the buyer and the seller, we can also introduce our own buyer clients to the excellent listings that belong to our seller clients. In this relationship we represent both parties equally and with the same honesty, fairness and integrity we offer in an exclusive agency relationship. The primary difference between these relationships is that in disclosed dual agency, confidential information cannot be shared between the clients by the agent; whereas with Exclusive Single Agency the agent’s exclusive duty is to the specific client rather than to both parties.

Please feel free to discuss these agency relationships with us should you have questions.

What types of Services are offered by CSA Real Estate?

Whether you are looking for a home or looking for a homebuyer, it’s the expertise of the agents at CSA Real Estate at listening, searching and narrowing the field that sets us apart from other firms. We are “hands on” from the start and we are with you until the deal is done and beyond.

Our agents are deeply committed to the betterment of our entire community and we are happy to help our new residents get settled in and connected to the services and institutions they need.

Many of our new residents are also looking for help with business opportunities in the area. CSA Real Estate is a full service residential and commercial brokerage firm. Our agents will be happy to assist in finding a location that is best suited for both your home and/or your work environment.

We often recommend well-qualified independent service providers who provide excellent care for our clients. See our resource page or just ask us if you need assistance. We’ll be happy to help.