Rep. James Smith – advocate for LGBT rights

Rep. James Smith has become an amazing advocate for LGBT rights in South Carolina. Many years ago I doubted his level of commitment to LGBT equality and was very harsh in my criticism of him. I was so wrong! 

James Smith is not just an amazing advocate for equality, he’s an amazing public official in all respects. I say this because it is so important for all of us to remember who stood with LGBT South Carolinians then and who is with us now. Rep.James Smith stood with us before it was easy and he is still there.

When Chief Moore is reappointed to her previous position as Police Chief of Latta, South Carolina, it will be because Rep. James Smith and a handful of other fair-minded legislators guided by groups like SCGLPM, AFFA, the SCEC, We Are Family and the SCGL Business Guild made it safe enough in South Carolina to stand up and do what is right. It will also be because Chief Moore led by example in her own life and career and demonstrated every day the honesty and integrity that her community values.

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