Recognizing the enduring civic spirit of Harold Koon

Whether you knew him from his association with St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, the Metropolitan Community Church, the Mazyck Wraggborough Neighborhood Association, the Lowcountry Gay and Lesbian Alliance or his military reserve group, everyone knew that if you wanted to get something done, Harold Koon was the guy to call…..


In this present age when we place so much emphasis on material things, we should remember that it is service given freely and happily to others that sustains us and binds us together as a community. Harold Koon understood this concept and embraced it with a vigor that is seldom seen today. His presence and example have made a huge difference in our community. Those who have been honored in past years with the award that is given in Harold Koon’s name continue in that spirit and remind us of our moral and civic obligation to serve.

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