Juan Circumstances: -Motto: “Let’s go on adventures and you may pressures to make the ambitions become true” –Hashtags: #happysmile, #jokester and you will #awkward

Juan Circumstances: -Motto: “Let’s go on adventures and you may pressures to make the ambitions become true” –Hashtags: #happysmile, #jokester and you will #awkward

Phase Name: Hyorin (??) Actual Term: Joo Hyo Rin (???) Birthday: Zodiac Sign: Aries Chinese Zodiac: Pig Top: – Weight: – Nationality: Korean Blood type: Ab MBTI: ESFJ Instagram:

Phase Term: Juan (??) Genuine Identity: Kwon Ju A keen (???) Birthday: Zodiac Indication: Cancer Chinese Zodiac: Pig Level: – Weight: – Nationality: Korean Blood type: A great MBTI: ENFP Instagram:

Phase Identity: Soojin (??) Actual Title: Kim Soo Jin (???) Birthday: Zodiac Sign: Malignant tumors Chinese Zodiac: Pig Peak: – Weight: – Nationality: Korean Blood-type: B MBTI: ESTP

Stage Name Karina (???) Real Name : Takei Karina (?? ????) (??? ???) Birthday : Zodiac Indication : Cancers Chinese Zodiac : Pig Peak : – Weight : – Nationality : Japanese Blood type : An excellent MBTI : ENFJ Instagram : (Private)

Karina Products: –Motto: “Continually be bright rather than forget about to get pleased.” –Hashtags: #smileyface, #everyonesfriend and you will #talkative –Team: Genie Tell you way more Karina circumstances..

Stage Title: Sui (??) Real Name : Cho Su We (???) Birthday : Zodiac Sign : Leo Chinese Zodiac : Pig Level : – Lbs : – Nationality : Korean Blood-type : O MBTI : ESFJ

Phase Title: Jimin (??) Actual Name : Won Ji Min (???) Birthday celebration : Zodiac Signal : Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac : Pig Top : 171cm (5?7?) Weight : – Nationality : Korean Blood-type : Abdominal MBTI : ESFJ

Jimin Circumstances: – This lady slogan are “Never surrender, simply keep looking to.” -Team: Beast -Ranking: 7-9-7-6-5-6-step 1 – She debuted with Category:y Tell you alot more Jimin affairs…

Seonyou Things: –Birthplace: Gangneung, Gangwon-perform, Southern Korea -She participated into Cap-Teen –Nickname: Weapon Eggs –Hobbies: Food, asleep, tune in to musical, vocal, contacting her family relations, hunting and you will relaxing

Sarang (Round six) Phase Term Sarang (??) Genuine Title : Choi Sa Rang (???) Birthday celebration : Zodiac Indication : Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac : Pig Peak : 166 cm (5’5?) Weight : 46 kg (101 lbs) Nationality : Korean Blood type : B MBTI : ESFP Instagram :

Boeun (Review six) Phase Term: Boeun (??) Real Name: Park Bo Eun (???) Birthday: Position: Moving, Vocal Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Chinese Zodiac: Rodent Height: 155cm (5?1?) Weight: – Nationality: Korean Blood-type: O MBTI: ENFP

Boeun Things: -Birthplace: Ulsan, Southern Korea The lady slogan try “Patience, diligence, and you may humility till the stop instanthookups.” – As of episode ten, she was at new ‘introduction lineup’ and you will is actually an element of the Amaze stage, however it doesn’t be certain that her first room -Ranking: 6-5-3-3-step 3-6-step three – She premiered with Category:y Show significantly more Boeun factors..

Soobin (Round 6) Stage Identity: Soobin (???) Real Term: Choi Soo Container (???) Position: Singing, Hip hop, Dancing Birthday: Zodiac Signal: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Rat Top : – Weight: – Nationality: Korean Blood type: A MBTI: ENFP

Minsol (Round dos) Stage Identity: Minsol (??) Genuine Title: Kim Min Sol (???) Birthday: Zodiac Signal: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Rat Level: – Weight: – Nationality: Korean Blood-type: A MBTI: ESFP Instagram: (Private)

Minsol Factors: – Birthplace: Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Southern Korea -Motto: “Let’s Practice towards the mission!” -Hashtags: #versatile, #aegyosal and #freckles -Previous Jellyfish Recreation and you will Clevr Age&M trainee.

Seonyou (Rating dos) Stage Identity: Seonyou (??) Actual Title: Kim Seonyou (???) Birthday: Zodiac Signal: Aries Chinese Zodiac: Rat Peak: – Weight: – Nationality: Korean Blood-type: B MBTI: ISFP Instagram: (Private) Youtube: [Sunflu] Sunrays U

–Speciality: Skipping, Figure Skating, and you can Cartwheels –Quirks: Starting Talks about away from JooE of Momoland and you may Hong Jin Younger -She is actually selected as one of the greatest within initially amount trainees -She are a fact skater -She dreamed of getting a professional contour skater but stopped contour skating and come dancing instead, so the woman fantasy converted to feel an enthusiastic idol. – She was a student in the brand new ‘introduction lineup’ for the Taking Competition, but this lady location got taken by the Yoonjung. -Ranking: 5-12-6-5-7-1-1-2 – She debuted with Group:y View here for much more Seonyou Circumstances..

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